Covid-19 News And Operations

Hey everyone, Mia here

After spending time at home sheltering in place and social distancing throughout March, April and May I have found myself quite restless and craving a little sexy fun and some good company. I am now back in the studios and ready to play. With the current public health emergency I am currently limiting my visits per day. Safe  friends that have also been sheltering in place and or social distancing and wearing your mask while out and about for at least 3+ weeks.. I Am being very selective with whom I will be spending my time and space with so I will be accepting only a few appointments per day spaced out so I have plenty of time to sanitize the studio and shower and wash and dry my hair and lingerie between visits. Your safety as well as my own are very important to me. These are stressful times for many but to keep everyone safe and healthy and everyone feeling comfortable and to give us all some peace of mind when visiting I will be implementing some simple steps and changes to keep us all healthy and having sexy fun in session. Lets stay safe and sexy together. I have made some changes in my services offered and some simple steps for when arriving at my studios. Once you are showered we are ready to blast off to Mia Planet hahaha. Looking forward to connecting soon Luvs. 

Changes in services 

- I am Not currently offering mutual showers. 

- Please NO touching my face or hair at this time .... but everything else .... Ohh yes Please ! hahaha

- Limited availability so booking in advance is best and preferred 

Before you arrive I Will 

- I will Shower again 10 Minutes Prior to you arriving 

- I will sanitize and disinfect the studio before you arrive. 

That includes but not limited to door knobs, light switches,

sink handles, massage table, chair, tables head rest. etc

- As usual I will have fresh towels and hand towels available 

for your use with disposable head rest covers and fresh

clean shower mats 

- Body wash, Shampoo , hand soap and hand sanitizer are provided.

- If you choose to use a pillow note that each pillow is placed in the dryer after each use, 

- I will also re wash my hands before our session starts.















- Masks are not mandatory during our date but you are welcome to wear a mask if it makes you feel more comfortable.

- For your comfort I can wear my 2.5PM carbon filter mask which is pretty and floral or my KN95 mask upon request though they do not inspire sexy quite like my smile does hehe.



Hand Hygiene
Sanitizing Spray Bottles
Personal Hygiene

When entering the studio

- Please remove your shoes at the door and sanitizes your hands upon entering. 

- Lets wait for our hug and cuddles until after you have showered and I have you all fresh and in your birthday suit lol

- Please be prepared to shower and rise your mouth before and after our session even if you have already showered at home.

- Please leave donation in the bathroom on the tray 

If you have been sick recently or feeling symptomatic in any way shape or form or have had allergy symptoms recently and or have cared for or been in contact with someone sick in the last 14 days to 21 days I ask that you do not come for a visit with me for an additional 2-3 weeks for everyone's safety and well being.

Thank you all for your time and consideration and I'm really  looking forward to hanging out soon 

Lets all Stay safe